Chapter 12 – Russia: Where time stands still

Behind the Scenes: On our way to India we did a little detour to this giant country, spend some time fishing and explored the flora of the Volga delta. People from outside kept telling us alarming stories about Russia. But at this place a piece of strain drops from you – when you see some people quietly fishing or watch some cows gracefully swimming (the fishermen call them „Super Korova“). By the way, we’ve edited two Making Ofs that you’ll find when you click right below. Enjoy!

Chapter 11.2 – Rewind Back To Georgia

Behind the Scenes: Georgia is not only about snow-peaked mountains. When we came back to Georgia we discovered „Udabno“, a spring green semi-desert in the south, where you can find hidden monasteries, colourful lizards and glowing sunsets. In this mysterious scenery time seems to run backwards which is why this video is about rewinding back to – well, where would you go to?

Chapter 11.1 – Second Before Heaven

Behind the Scenes: No, we’re not heading home again. We’re just about to drive the north-eastern route to India. A perfect chance to enjoy another powder day in Georgias Caucasus. But this video is not about riding. It’s about a special second, right before you let everything go. Not easy to capture it. Luckily there’s 60 fps and some editing tricks in very slow motion.

Chapter 10 – Dramatically Beautiful Armenia

Behind the Scenes: Armenias roads can make your journey quite difficult. Starting from a horrendously toll fee for asphalt roads that rarely exist, up to exorbitant fines when you override one of the (completely faded) solid lines. But guess what, Armenia: We still like you! And here’s why.

Chapter 9.4 – Welcome to Iran – Colours of the Mountains

Behind the Scenes: When you think that you can just leave Iran you’re wrong. First, the mountains are too great and stunning. Second, the people are too nice. In the center of Alborz mountain range we were invited to a picknick in the snow: Çay, Sangak (flatbread), Halva and goat cheese, served on an icy blanket – who can say no to that? Afterwards the men continued their work and we got a chance to return their kindness… After two months of travelling Iran we finally can say: خُدا حافِظ „khoda hafez“ and ممنون „mamnun“ for welcoming us to Iran.

Chapter 9.3 – Welcome to Iran – Spirit of the Persian Gulf

Behind the Scenes: On Qeshm Island deep sand rock valleys are surrounded by the turquoise Persian Gulf, swampy mangrove forests and wild but peaceful animals, including desert foxes, camels and dolphins. Even more fascinating is the traditional female fashion: colourful patterned Chadors combined with shiny masks that originally were supposed to protect the face from sunburn. Qeshms summer sun can be torrid which is why several conquerors had to throw in the towel for centuries.