Traffic jungle of India

Behind The Scenes: Driving India from North to South was one of the biggest challenges of the entire journey. We were struggling hard to find the right way and even Google maps reached its limits. But then we met a Royal Rider who helped us getting through this big traffic jungle. First he invited us to his home. Then he messaged all the other Bikers of India. From that point the coolest Riders (male and female!) escorted us through their cities and gave us a wonderful time. Thank you so much Bablaa Da and all the Riders! _/|\_

Streetart on our Truck

In India we’ve met this street artist on the road: TONA. He portraits kids throughout his travels and sprays the artwork all over the world. One of his masterpieces „The Crouch“ can now be seen on our truck.

The Street from Germany to India

We can’t believe it ourselves, but we did it: We drove all the way from Germany to India with our monstrous Rolling Home. Recently people asked us „What street did you take?“ Well, here’s the answer! The long and wonderful way from Deutschland to Hindustan…

The Special Bond of Kyrgyzstan

Behind the Scenes: Whenever you think that you’ll just spend a little while in a country, it’s taking a new twist. We’ve been traveling Kyrgyzstan, the land of nomads, for more than two months and discovered picturesque landscapes, lovely felt yurts and willful horses that for once carried us (along with our camera equipment) to hidden mountain lakes. Particularly moving is the special bond that we’d like to visualize in this video. An incredible vibe that finally revived after years of soviet era and political unrest.

30.000 km so far… and the machine is still rolling!

We filmed our journey from the very beginning and after 30.000 kilometres we still do so. We capture astonishing and moving pictures on our way to show that the world is largely breathtaking and worth living in. Maybe some of you get a better impression of other countries or even get inspired and travel the world by yourself. In any case: Thanks for following us! We appreciate it a lot!

Chapter 13: On the Road in Kazakhstan

Behind the Scenes: When you enjoy endlessly road trips, Kazakhstan will blow your mind. We took the highway from lonely west to empty southeast, past wide fields and dry steppe. The hardest thing was to reach Aral Sea that has shrunk massively over the last years. You actually have to drive miles through the dried-out lake to find the shore covered in reeds and make many mosquitos happy. But it is somehow still worth it!

Chapter 12 – Russia: Where time stands still

Behind the Scenes: On our way to India we did a little detour to this giant country, spend some time fishing and explored the flora of the Volga delta. People from outside kept telling us alarming stories about Russia. But at this place a piece of strain drops from you – when you see some people quietly fishing or watch some cows gracefully swimming (the fishermen call them „Super Korova“). By the way, we’ve edited two Making Ofs that you’ll find when you click right below. Enjoy!