Chapter 4 – Down in History: Greece

Behind the Scenes: Capturing the steaming hot water of Thermopylae was possible only to a limited extent. For one thing you are not supposed to record the refugee camp right next to it. We respect that and focused on the hot rushing waterfall and the green mineral stones with layers of purple plastic inside. Secondly, you can’t stay too long since the springs are …

Chapter 3 – Feeling tiny in Albania

Behind the Scenes: Some people ask us why we don’t take many close-ups of ourselves. The truth is: We are too tiny. Instead we’d like to focus on this great earth and its brillant mosaic that we are just a microscopic part of. Albania is one of the countries that make you realise this.

Chapter 2 – Montenegro Rocks!

Behind the Scenes: In Montenegro we crossed its deeply dark mountainside. Just then a huge rock was barring the main path, which kept the workers quite busy. Their only tool was a hammer, their only plan to smash it. Our truck saved them a hard day of work. Filming their …

Keep the Rocks Rolling – Extended Version

Behind the Scenes: This was the first time our auxiliary and recovery equipment was in action. The workers turned out to be high professionals in their subject. Plenty of times the string had to be wrapped differently so that the rock moves without causing any damage.

Chapter 1 – The Journey begins

Behind the Scenes: The first records of this journey were taken randomly. In fact we weren’t too sure if this was the beginning at all. When you start a trip like this you have been preparing it for months and years. When you finally start the enginge you have this …