This is our Rolling Home. A self-constructed expedition truck that can drive over mountains, across rivers, into the wilderness and almost perpendicular. Perfectly suited for what we’re doing.

4-wheel spacecraft: Unimog 1300

It used to be an army vehicle. Then it was converted into a expedition spacecraft. Now it is travelling the world.

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Camper construction & insulation

This Unimog 1300 was upgraded with a highly professional and self-constructed aluminium cabin. Thanks to a good friend and his tremendous engineer skills.

Test Drives

When we were test driving through North-Bavaria, our starting position, we discovered stunning sunsets – sometimes three times in a row!

Care, gadgets and repair

Some components need real experts. Some items need a robust rack. Some Unimog-drivers need real shock absorbers…

Get a glimpse at the kitchen & bathroom

We like lunch breaks and we love to cook. As a matter of course we fit in a kitchen unit. Next to it there is a bathroom.

Electricity in a box

This is where the energy comes from (besides the roofmounted solar systems)

Miles of cable

True, to build an office on wheels isn’t that easy. That’s why we had to invest a lot of time in plugs, tubes, youtube and wires:


We definitely tip our hats to all plumbers on earth! To join pipes, heating units and drinking water to a working system is quite a challenge – and reveals so far undetected talents.

Wood craft furniture

Feeling at home while being on the road? Therefore you just need good ideas, quality wood and a creative carpenter with loving care for details.

Secret Gap

In the back of the driver’s cab there’s a sliding door that leads you to the cabin.


Getting some rest in the Unimog – dreamlike! Our self-built slat-frame-system can be pulled out so that two full size matresses fit in.

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